Fly Your Emails To The You Know Where With MoonMail

So, you want to put your business into a higher orbit by launching email marketing campaigns?


MoonMail is offering to be your NASA, providing “one of the most scaleable email marketing platforms on Earth, with simplicity at its core.”


moonmail landing


With MoonMail, you can create and launch a campaign a day, sending up to 7,500 emails per month and reaching up to 250 recipients per campaign, absolutely free. For managing larger volume, monthly subscriptions begin at a fixed $19.99 + $.02 for every 1,000 emails sent.


Just as in the space race where primates were the predecessors to more thrilling missions, MoonMail clearly intends to rocket beyond MailChimp. Offering superior affordability and flexibility are just two ways that they look to do so.


With a MoonMail paid plan, you can send an unlimited number of emails to an unlimited number of recipients. Basically, you pay (a reasonable price) for what you use. You also gain a number of tech features over MailChimp that have been designed to enhance your interactions and help you make more money. For a more detailed comparison of MoonMail with MailChimp, click here.


Drag-n-drop interface enables you to quickly assemble and edit a wide variety of emails. Once built, you can deliver emails using MoonMail open source or Amazon’s cloud network.


Statistics? Check. Email verification and list cleaning? Check. MoonMail uses AI to take the hassles out of maintaining your list and to reduce bounce-back rates.


Recover checkouts for Shopify accounts? Check. Automated responses? Check. MoonMail gives you the ability to send emails triggered by events, and to make rapid adjustments to your campaign. The system is geared to help you more precisely target different segments of your audience.


Multilingual live chat support? Check. An affiliate marketing program? Check. Houston, we are go for launch.


Creating materials, storing and managing client lists, measuring the success of campaigns, calculating costs – email marketing can feel a lot like, well, rocket science without the right tools. End-to-end, MoonMail simplifies the process of engaging your audience and minimizes the effort involved in running successful email marketing campaigns.


MoonMail empowers you to send highly customized emails to the right recipients, and keeps you out of spam folders with AI-fueled tools. Spend less time tending your contacts and programming sends and more time on other parts of your business. To get started marketing like a pro – without breaking the bank – or to learn more, visit


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