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Fluidinfo.comFluidinfo is a database that’s created and kept by people like you and me. Anything that exists can be added to this database, and other people can tag it. You can add people, cars, houses, movies, books… it can all be added to Fluidinfo, in just one click. People can browse through this database in the same way they would browse through a site like Wikipedia. And anything that’s added to the Fluidinfo database can be tagged with a value. This makes it simple for you and the people who look at your entry to rate it. If the object’s a magazine article or a blog post, then it’s really easy to say how much you’ve enjoyed it. And the same goes for any other person who uses the site, he’ll be able to rate the product or concept being discussed.

In any case, you’re the only one who can change the way in which a tag works. If you’ve set a value, only you can change that. People who want to rate the object you’ve added to the database have to go by that value.

If that were all that Fluidinfo could do, then it’d be an interesting platform for knowing how people from all over the world feel about anything that matters to you. Yet, there’s a lot more to Fluidinfo than that. The service comes with an API, and lots of different apps and browser extensions. These make for creating queries that “normal” search engines could never handle.

For example, using Fluidinfo you can easily find out entrepreneurs who are working in areas such as social networking or location-based services. It all boils down to asking something like “Which entrepreneurs are working on location-based services?”. And you can even ask which successful entrepreneurs are working there. Provided they’ve been rated by people, Fluidinfo will be able to find that out for you.

Fluidinfo is also useful in lots of other different settings. You can use the service to pull information from services like Twitter and Facebook, and find people who have got a set Klout range or who get lots of retweets/shares every day. And also, to filter people out from search results.

Fluidinfo is largely the work of entrepreneur Terry Jones, and the startup has been no less than 15 years in the making. The conceptualization period alone took the best part of a year. But it’s just now that Fluidinfo has really begun picking traction. It was demoed at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010 (and met with a lot of interest), and it raised two rounds of funding in 2009 and 2010. Something tells me this is a service we’ll hear a lot about in the not-so-distant future.

Fluidinfo.com In Their Own Words

Imagine a world where data on anything comes together in one place.

Imagine adding to that data, freely, and in interesting ways.

Some Questions About Fluidinfo.com

How can Fluidinfo be marketed so that ordinary folks begin using the service regularly? Fluidinfo.com