Fluidapp.com – Site Specific Browser for Macs

Fluidapp.comHow often do you run multiple applications out of one web browser, and inevitably, one page causes the whole browser- and all your work- to crash and close? Fluid has a solution. The program is available for Mac OS X computers, and it creates a site specific browser for all your favorite web applications.

In other words, users click on a facebook or youtube icon (on the desktop, in the launch section, or in finder) and the application opens in a unique page. All links that are opened outside of the designated site specific browser will be opened in the system default browser (which means you have no fear of losing your documents).

Fluidapp.com In Their Own Words

“Site Specific Browsers (SSBs) provide a great solution for your webapp woes. Using Fluid, you can create SSBs to run each of your favorite webapps as a separate desktop application. Fluid gives any webapp a home on your Mac OS X desktop complete with Dock icon, standard menu bar, and logical separation from your other web browsing activity.”

Why Fluidapp.com It Might Be A Killer

Fluid is heavily influenced by Prism, a similar service created by the Mozilla group, but it promises to be more “native” feeling on your Mac. By combining an already popular service and offering it to the plethora of Mac users, Fluid has definite potential to be killer.

Some Questions About Fluidapp.com

Do users really care if their facebook page collapses? It is annoying, but it is also annoying to have to continually navigate between web browsers rather than just using tabs. Fluidapp.com