A Global Water Crisis Is Coming. Do Your Part With FLUID


I’m fairly certain that we are rapidly barreling toward a global water crisis. I’m not a scientist, but the earth is already showing wear and tear from the population explosion that humanity is in the midst of. The current drought in California (which is mirrored by a similar one in Chile) is bringing water consumption to the forefront of people’s minds and making it all too clear that we need to make some serious changes in how we consume water – if we as a species are going to continue to survive.


But how do you change people’s behaviors when we’ve all grown up with more than enough water? How can you make people aware of exactly how much water they’re consuming?


The answer, my friends, is FLUID.



FLUID is a “the world’s first learning water meter.” It monitors your water consumption and any leaks, and then relays that info back to an app on your phone. Oh, and you’d think that something like that would be super complicated to install, right? Wrong! All you have to do is snap it onto your main water pipe, plug it in, and connect to your wifi and you’re all set to start keeping track of your water consumption.


For those of you that really like data, FLUID even lets you monitor the exact water consumption of specific appliances in your house. They call this function “signatures,” and all you do is run the appliance you want to monitor and FLUID will track its consumption every time it’s turned on from there on out. You’ll be able to tell exactly how much water you’re using in the shower, in the toilet, or in any other water-using appliance in your house!


FLUID is also constantly monitoring for leaks or appliances left running, and will inform you as soon as they detect that something is awry. You’ll be saving money that would have gone down the drain (ha, geddit?) as wasted water or damages, which means that FLUID basically pays for itself.


And if you’re really just looking for a way to be more environmentally aware, FLUID lets you set and work toward consumption goals every month.


FLUID is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help them get FLUID out on the market. They raised over $76,000 of their $95,000 goal in the first week and the first early bird rewards are already sold out! But don’t stress. If you get over there right now you can still pledge for your own FLUID at a seriously discounted price. The water crisis is real, y’all. What are you waiting for? Get moving.


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