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Flock.comFlock, if you still have not heard, is a, or rather, the social browser. This is for you kids who belong to six social networks and spend half your day configuring your profile page, adding ridiculous attention stream data about your favorite new movies, books, songs, feeds, and links.


The latest version—1.0—is now available for everyone to download it. So what’s it got? Flock lets you get serious with your cross-networking activities. It’s got media sharing a communication tools centered around its People Browser. You won’t need to download as many plug-ins for your social sites, as Flock already has them and they’re continuously adding more networks each day. Flock has everything you’ll need for sharing media, blogging, searching, feeds, and profiles. It’s the social web browser that you shouldn’t have to live without. In Their Own Words

“Flock is a consumer Internet business which has developed a free, next generation web browser. The company is focused on fundamentally evolving the browser, and bringing a refreshing new approach to how people use and participate on the web. Flock simplifies social and web-based applications by bringing them one step closer to the user and integrating them directly into the browser. People can easily discover, access, create and share videos, photos and comments across social communities, media providers, and popular websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Flock has already become somewhat popular as it’s very much geared to the dedicated networker. It simplifies keeping in touch and up to date on many networks. It’s got a slick UI and it covers areas other browsers don’t.

Some Questions About

How does Flock keep up with all the networks out there? Has the latest version got more inspiring features, or is it rather unimpressive to regular users?


Author : Siri Marshall

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