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Flixup.comI am certainly becoming used to checking for scores and reviews online before striking out to watch this or that movie. I also check for running times and related information – it can be detrimental to the actual experience going into the theatre thinking you are going to watch something that will last an hour and half, when it will actually last almost three hours.

Still, I am sure the main concern of people who check for movie-related information on the web revolves around scores and ratings. And the website being reviewed right now will let them procure such information quite easily.

In essence, this site (which goes by the name of Flixup) is a spot in which movie conversations on twitter are analyzed and then a score is created by measuring the predominant sentiment. In that way, you can have a sort of real-time inkling on how good (or not) any film is.

It is quite a useful service, and although I personally prefer reading full reviews instead of merely being presented with a score I do realize that is the site’s main asset: its preciseness. Not everybody has the time to go through a long review, and most people just want a basic understanding of how compelling a movie is. This site provides that by way of a specific rating, and the fact that Twitter is scoured will just make it all the more significant and representative.

Flixup.com In Their Own Words

“Where people talk about movies.”

Why Flixup.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast way to learn all about which movie releases are worth a good look and which ones are best left alone.

Some Questions About Flixup.com

How long are movies featured on the site? Which market is primarily accounted for? Flixup.com