Fliva.com – Personality Q&A for Your Profiles


Fliva.comFliva is capitalizing on the growing (insatiable?) desire for people to share their uniqueness with the rest of the world on all the social networking sites and blogs. Fliva allows you to create a widget with a personal Q&A (such as, “who is your favorite political figure?” or “What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?” or whatever other questions you want to share with your friends and fam), and then post it almost anywhere online.

You can put it on your MySpace, blog, webpage, email, wherever. The site”s beauty is in its simplicity. It was easy to use and figure out, and had attractive design and layout.

Fliva.com In Their Own Words

Fliva was originally launched about a year ago as a pet project of a few friends of mine and they have tasked me to take Fliva to the next level. We hope you will enjoy what we are creating. I”ll be blogging here about what we”re up to in our journey to make Fliva a hit success.

The idea behind fliva is to create a site where people can express themselves through answering unique and cool questions, and listing the stuff that they like the most. Through this, people can express their unique individuality, then we”ll have plug-ins to your favorite community sites so you can show off your answers. Of course you will be able to find and connect with others who have similar interests and so forth.

Why Fliva.com It Might Be A Killer

Three words describe the social networking phenomenon: personality, personality and personality (or, ego, ego, ego). Everyone and anyone is going to greath lengths, and seemingly having a fun time doing it, to display their unique personality. This is a widget to help enhance and add to those efforts, and will likely be a hit with those who find it.

Some Questions About Fliva.com

How are they marketing this site? The had very little web traffic despite targeting an online market of zillions (ok, not zillions) of young adults and probably older adults who would enjoy posting a personality Q&A on their personal profile pages. I didn”t see much advertising, how are they hoping to turn a profit? Also, are they considering linking to other widgets for social networking sites? Fliva.com