Fliqz.com – Upload and Imbed Videos Easily

Fliqz.comFliqz.com makes it super easy to upload and embed any video on a website in no time.

First it is necessary to download the Fliqz Toolbar to you Internet Explorer, then, all that needs to be done is to browse through your computer to find the video and press upload, then the toolbar will give you an embed code so you can put onto the website and the video will show up on your site in a Fliqz player. The toolbar is free to use and will support your videos on your site unless you need some interesting new features like custom watermarks, custom end and start screens, custom sizes, descriptions on mouse over and multiple players per site, then you may have to upgrade and talk with a Fliqz representative as how to best serve your needs.

Fliqz.com In Their Own Words

As the leader in full-service, plug-and-play video solutions, Fliqz is committed to providing powerful yet intuitive video solutions that can be easily customized, effortlessly deployed, and seamlessly integrated. Our end-to-end solutions allow sites and blogs of any size to offer crisp, dazzling video in an environment that is uniquely their own. There’s no code to develop, no infrastructure to own, and no software to maintain.

Why Fliqz.com It Might Be A Killer

Many of the sites offering this same service offer it in a less simplistic fashion. With this site it is literally as easy as downloading the toolbar, briefly searching through your files to locate the video and cut and paste the embed code onto the website. Thats it. This is a huge advantage since it is so much less complicated than the other sites offering this service.

Some Questions About Fliqz.com

Since the entry level service is free and will probably be good enough for most people that are planning on using this toolbar, they will have no incentive to upgrade unless they are a big business. Will there be enough people that pay for the ugrades for this company to make a lot of money with this product? Fliqz.com