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Fliptu – Turn Your Hit-And-Miss Efforts Into A Riveting Brand Story

Unfortunately, staying active on multiple social media accounts isn’t enough for brand managers to give themselves a pat on the back – which is a shame, because, even with posting set on autopilot, keeping up takes a lot of work. The reality, though, is that all those amassed shining pieces of content and positive comments, to the outside world, look like just more sparkly grains of sand on the beach.


Even when a brand has the wow factor, the audience needs help to see the wow.


The Fliptu platform gives brands a suite of social aggregation tools that allows them to collect and shape content into “beautiful, engaging social visualizations.” After concentrating the best of both brand and fan social content, campaigns are a cinch to put together – and can be embedded anywhere with a single line of iframe code.


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A social page aggregator lets brands sync and import social media feeds from various accounts into a single page. This prevents great interactions from being missed by visitors who didn’t see them appear in their original location and counteracts the tendency for posts to drift out of sight almost immediately. Instead, interactions receive a longer shelf-life by appearing prominently on a distinct page. They also look more impressive as part of a collection than they do standing alone.


Seen together, social media threads begin to tell a more compelling story, which engages fans and keeps them onsite longer. Simple and sweet. What’s more, Fliptu users have the flexibility to rotate content – video streams, live chat, product offers, etc. – to keep the social page dynamic. The page also travels well as either a full page or partial-screen widget).


Before repackaging content into a social embed, Fliptu serves as a convenient hub for managing multiple accounts. A simple dashboard makes it easy to have conversations on different sites in one place. You can grab media from around the web based on any hashtag, as well as import, moderate, and select content as it suits any campaign.


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Fliptu’s crowd book wizard tool lets marketers display selected items to a target audience within a geofenced area. For instance, a band may share specific posts related to their tour with only those concertgoers in attendance on a particular evening.


Over 15,000 brands have already turned to Fliptu looking to enhance their social interaction, with the likes of Maria Sharapova, Jimmy Kimmel Live, KISS, and American Idol Tour using the platform to create campaigns.


Chatterboxes are boring. Make your brand story social. Build campaigns quickly, hone your brand message, increase engagement, and discover your best media and advocates – learn more about Fliptu social aggregation tools at


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Author : Roger Hollings

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