search cancel – Flip, Hover, Discover is (to sum it all up) a new way to go through a huge assortment of glamorous pictures.


Their slogan is “Flip. Hover. Discover.” And what it refers to is the way in which you can navigate the photo albums. When you go into one of the photo albums you can add information to the pictures themselves not just as captions. What you do is outline a specific area and then when you click that tagged area you can add stuff like more pictures, links, and information about that particular bit.

All of the pictures on the site seem to be organized and perfect which is great on one hand. Regardless of this, on the other hand one thinks mightn’t this content have all been added to the site by the site owners? If this is true they have done a great job, because everyone knows how much time it takes to produce such a collection of high quality content. Nonetheless, one also thinks, that this also implies that no pictures have actually been added by users. Any way or the other, they add a healthy amount of pictures daily, keeping it interesting and updated. In Their Own Words

‘FlipGloss is an interactive photo experience that lets you flip, hover and discover.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

It allows you to include valuable information to your pictures.

Some Questions About

Will user interaction grow, or will it stagnate receiving information only from the site administrators?

Author : Bill Webb

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