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FlipGiftCards.comThe first thing one thinks of when faced with a site like FlipGiftCards is why on Earth there are so few sites like it. The service it provides is nothing short of handy, as it is a marketplace for unused gift cards. I mean, is there anybody who doesnt have a good couple of those around? We all have been trapped in the awkward moment of receiving a card that we know fully well we are not using anytime soon, and being forced to give our friend (or friends) a beaming smile. And even though we know we are not using such cards in a hurry, that is no reason enough to bin them. They cost money, they might come in helpful one day. But chances are we will just end up forgetting all about them, and the cards will end up in some forgotten drawer.


Well, the next time you face that predicament thank you friend warmly as usual, and then once he has left head to this site. It is a marketplace where gift cards can be bought and sold, and where no fees have to be paid for listing anything. All the featured cards are arranged in a logical way (IE, by the name of the brand they belong to), and the ones that have been added more recently to the database are all highlighted on the main screen. So, structurally is a marketplace in the truest sense of the word. And one that can be used not only for free, but one that covers a novel angle too. Great combination, if you ask me. In Their Own Words

Buy and sell gifts cards free!

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not that many comparable marketplaces around. And you can list your cards for free.

Some Questions About

What about adding some more filters to the provided search interface?

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