FlightMemory.com – Keep Track Of Your Air Travels

FlightMemory.comDo you know the abbreviations for airport codes better than you know the names of your family members? Do you have the pre-flight safety announcement memorized and recite to yourself along with the attendants? Does your heart not even skip a beat when landing in a thunderstorm? If this sounds like you, chances are you’re a serial air traveler, and have flown more times than you can even remember. A new site called Flight Memory helps you to remember where you’ve flown, and helps you to create a flight map showing air trajectories between international cities, distances, flight times, and aircraft and airlines flown on.

To use the application, you’ll need to sign up for the service and log your travel destinations and departure cities. Once you’ve done this, Flight Memory will generate three tables detailing statistics about flight times (hours, days, weeks….years), distances (miles, kilometers….how close you’ve come to reaching the moon if you add all your flights together), and flights (domestic, inter-continental, international, etc). Flight Memory also provides you with statistics such as your average flight distance and time, and your longest and shortest flights. Lastly, Flight Memory conjures up a map of your flight routes on a global trajectory which you can order as a poster for a fee.

FlightMemory.com In Their Own Words

“Flight Memory enables you to easily keep track of where you have flown and then easily produce maps showing your flight routes.
We’ll also tell you your total time in the air, distance flown and even keep track of aircraft types and airlines!
FlightMemory generates a logbook of your personal flights in real time. FlightMemory is great for aviation enthusiasts, flight crews, private pilots and even the casual passenger!
Whether you are a globe-trotting consultant or just starting to keep track of your newborn’s flights, FlightMemory is the place to keep your statistics!”

Why FlightMemory.com It Might Be A Killer

Flight Memory is as fun as it is useful; I could see this being a helpful application for a casual flyer looking to keep track of his or her flights, or for an airline employee to see what their average workweek entails. The statistics are interesting (particularly how close you’ve come to reaching the moon if you add up all your flight distances), and the poster offers a beautiful display of your travel routes.

Some Questions About FlightMemory.com

Is there a place on Flight Memory where you can enter in information about when and why you took a certain trip? At least in the demo, there were no visible statistics regarding departure and return dates and times or reasons for taking a certain flight. FlightMemory.com