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Never, Ever Search For The Flight Board Again With This Travel App

Today’s Killer Startup: FlightBoard





Elevator Pitch:

FlightBoard is a travel app that “turns your iPhone or iPad into the arrivals and departures board for any airport in the world.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

So here’s something you’d think would be pretty consistent around the world: flight boards in airports. Logically, you’d think that they’d all look the same and be in roughly the same spots, with adjustments made for the airport’s aesthetic and architectural differences. However, as someone who flies a lot, I can tell you that they are definitively not consistent. In fact, flight boards are often obnoxiously hidden in weird areas or on tiny screens, making this type A, anxiety-prone traveler very annoyed.


And that’s why FlightBoard is the latest travel app to grace my iPhone. FlightBoard quite literally turns your phone into the airport’s flight board, including the airline names, destinations, gate number, and time of arrival or departure. Even better than the real flight board, you don’t have to scan it looking for your particular flight — just search for your airline and find it in a fraction of the time.


As for design, FlightBoard has taken its look from the flight board at Charles de Gaulle because: France. (I assume?) Regardless of the reason, it means you’ll never have to deal with the bright neon green at Dallas/Fort Worth (which is probably my least favorite major hub airport, for what it’s worth). Instead, you can just whip out your phone and pretend you’re already in Paris.


I don’t know why flight boards are so ingeniously hidden at so many airports. I also don’t know why some airports make it impossible to get to a gate (looking at you, Bogota), but some mysteries just weren’t meant to be solved, I guess. However, if you’re sick of searching for the flight board while you’re still putting your shoes back on after the super fun process of going through TSA, make sure to download FlightBoard before your next flight.



WHERE THE @#$@# IS THE #$@#$ FLIGHT BOARD??? If this is you, download #FlightBoard by @mobiata


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Author : Emma McGowan

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