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Flickrwire.comAn image may paint a thousand words. But there are people who are decidedly color blind, and who won’t get the messages you are putting across using pictures regardless of their vividness and sparkle. Well, if you’re to post something on Flickr and you want to ensure things will be understood as intended the first time around then this is the kind of service to wrap yourself around.

Flickrwire is a platform that has good ol’ Flickr mashed up with blog posts. That is, here you can send images which are accompanied by some quips or quotes. This is to make it crystal clear why you’re posting what you’re posting for those who are always a bit slow to get the gist of certain things. And who hasn’t got a friend or two like that, after all?

So, next time you send out a picture of you hugging the love of your life with the Eiffel Tower in the background, you’ll be able to add a line of text reading “On vacation with my luv”.

Needless? Undoubtedly.

Confusion-free? Even more undoubtedly. In Their Own Words

Photo blogging with Flickr.

Some Questions About

How long can you keep these messages? Will platform other than Flickr ever be supported?