Flavorit Spices Restaurant Discovery With Friendsourcing

I love reading and I love eating, but I hate hate hate reading about eating. When it comes time to choose a restaurant, I have no interest in exercising critical thinking skills. Reviews and ratings are horrible dinner companions. I’d rather listen to my stomach, thank you very much. But maybe that’s just me.


What we all have in common for sure is a love of discovering restaurants and enjoying great meals with our friends. And Flavorit, an iOS app, speeds us to the table by helping us find places using only the most relevant information shared among friends.


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It’s too easy to get sucked into consuming information about where to go eat and wind up not having any energy to actually grab a bite. Flavorit keeps things simple. You divide establishments into these three lists: “Been There,” “Let’s Go,” and “No Thanks.” This classification system functions like a traffic light. Been There: yellow. Maybe you’ll slow down and consider going again or maybe you’ll floor it and not look twice. Let’s Go: green. You’re on your way. No Thanks: clearly a red light. Straightforward and useful.


Likewise, Flavorit doesn’t belabor ratings. “Amazing,” “Okay,” and “Not For Me” help to make swift decisions. (In case it’s not painfully obvious, I’m a big advocate of spending less time figuring out where to eat.) You’ll be able to sort options quickly using Flavorit and file them conveniently for future use.


Browse your friends’ lists when you need fresh inspiration, and share recommendations to make life easier for those closest to you who are on the lookout for a great meal.


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You can also search for places based on your location and other search filters, but with your friends’ lists handy, you always have a trusted source where you can turn. Even in an unfamiliar city, you can easily track down the favorite spots of those in your network.


In the app makers’ own words: “With Flavorit… discovering the best places to eat is based on a simple premise: friendsourcing is better than crowdsourcing.” I couldn’t agree more. Nibble on more details at theflavoritapp.com or chomp on the app from the App Store.


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