FlavorConnect.com – Date People By Flavor

FlavorConnect.comWho says that you need a really wild and original idea for a site to be a big success? That’s something which helps a lot, but the execution is every bit as important. Sites that don’t do anything groundbreaking can still grab the attention of people, and keep them coming back for more. FlavorConnect.com certainly brings that to mind. On this brand-new dating site, you can “taste” your dating options. That is, as a registered user of Flavor Connect you can find your match by using a code that describes what you’re looking for in the other person. So, each type of hookup is flavor-coded.

There’s flavors for “Fidelity”, “Fancy”, “Friendship”, “Fling”, “Freestyle”, “Fantasy”… there’s a flavor for pretty much anything you could think of. By letting you make it clear what you’re looking for this directly, you’re ensured you’ll never be contacted by people looking for something totally different from what you want to get from a relationship.

Registration to Flavor Connect is free, and although the site is mainly meant to be used by young adults people of any age are allowed to create an account and start making connections.

FlavorConnect.com In Their Own Words

Taste your dating options.

Some Questions About FlavorConnect.com

What about adding some kind of Facebook integration, and let you connect with people there like PirateDate lets you do? FlavorConnect.com