Never Miss A Local Sale Again With Location-Based Mobile App FlashMap

Are you that person who, whenever a friend compliments your outfit, you love to brag about how you only spent $10 on the whole thing? Or perhaps you’re a college student or someone who’s otherwise cash poor looking for a way to still go out and be social with friends. Whether you consider yourself thrifty by nature or necessity, finding local sales and deals has never been easier than with the mobile app FlashMap.


FlashMap, founded in 2016, is an online location-based mobile app designed to help local businesses gain more traction, help people to get out more and be social, and tighten up relationships between businesses and consumers in local communities. The app focuses on making sure that users never miss a local sale again by helping them instantly find local sales, specials, and deals on a map of their area, and allows businesses to post, manage their deals, promotions or events every day.



For Consumers

Downloading FlashMap means never missing out on a new local sales promo ever again. Their location-based mobile app will show you – on a map – which businesses in your area are promoting new deals, in real time. Every day, you’ll receive notifications about newly posted discounts, giveaways, and sales. No more finding out about a great deal right after it ends! Each flash sale lasts for 24 hours only, meaning that every day will have something new and different featured – including the occasional giveaway.

As a user, you can also post deals you hear about that aren’t on the app yet, which allows you to interact and build relationships with other local users by sharing your great finds!

Simple in its premise and execution, FlashMap’s app offers a few perhaps hidden-at-first benefits ad features for users, including:



For Businesses

If you’re a business who wants to offer a deal to local consumers in hopes of attracting new and old customers – even in the slow season – FlashMap is designed with you in mind as well. It can take as little as 15 seconds for someone to post a deal on the app, which helps you reach more people.

Whether you run a restaurant, clothing store, bar, or something else, you can use FlashMap to get more people into your business – and hopefully, purchase your good and/or services. The app doesn’t require a pre-determined price point, so you’re able to set up all kinds of deals and post them alongside promotional photos and videos – for free.



FlashMap is currently available via the iTunes store for Apple devices. An app for Androids as well as a web-based platform are currently in the works – but in the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook.




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