Flapp.com – Giving eBay A Social Infusion

Flapp.comWe can define Flapp as a marketing platform that makes for imbuing eBay with the flexibility and breadth of social networking sites. In other words: this resource will let you take one of the main eCommerce platforms on the Web right now and augment it with functionalities endemic to social networks like Facebook and Orkut.

Flapp’s most basic function is that of posting the details of what you are selling on eBay to all the social networks that you interact at. This includes both Facebook and Twitter, IE, two sites that can but expand anything’s outreach ad infinitum.

Besides, two paid versions of Flapp are available. The one named “Premier” will give your listing a SEO-friendly format for further notoriety on the Web by being entered into Flapp’s classifieds, whereas the “Professional” incarnation come with full tracking capabilities. In any case, both the “Premier” and “Professional” editions feature reports for you to figure out how successful you are being, and how successful you could be.

Flapp.com In Their Own Words

“At fflap.com we help sellers get more profit more often for their eBay listings. fflap is a marketing and advertising platform for eBay sellers. fflap makes the social net work.”

Why Flapp.com It Might Be A Killer

Taken as a whole, the services that are provided add a true social dimension to eBay. If anything, they make listings accessible from angles that are pivotal.

Some Questions About Flapp.com

What other differences are there between the Premier and Professional editions of Flapp? Flapp.com