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FlaLottery.comAt FlaLottery.com you will find all the information concerning the Florida Lottery organization, its different games, retailers, and many more details. Everything you might want to know about “Power Ball”, “Florida Lotto”, “Mega Money”, “Fantasy 5”, “Play 4”, “Cash 3” and Scratch offs is here, from the winning numbers, how to claim the prizes and which deadlines you have for each game in case you are a winner.

It is good to know that profits gained from the Florida Lottery are used for financing education in Florida at many different institutions and for funding scholarships. State Universities, Community Colleges, Public Schools, are some of the destinations to where the money earned by Florida Lottery goes. The Bright Future Scholarships, which help students pursue postsecondary education, has already helped more that 500000 people go to college. This scholarships program has a site of its own which you can reach through the Flalottery.com webpage. On the other hand, a part of the profit goes for building, renovating and remodeling education institutions. Every time you play, then, you are really helping education in that state.

Online games are available too at Flalottery.com, and all the instructions on how to join their team by becoming a lottery retailer. You will be able to watch live drawings of the different games, and watch and listen to TV and radio ads. Besides, there is a picture gallery of winners from recent games (if you find an acquaintance of yours whom you haven’t seen for some time, maybe it’s a good time for giving a call).

A news section has many articles covering different facts related to the lottery’s activity, such as stories from prize winners, or the records achieved in sales for each game.

FlaLottery.com In Their Own Words

On this site you’ll find winning numbers, prize payouts, game information, and even a detailed breakdown of the Lottery’s contributions to public education, by county since its inception.

Why FlaLottery.com It Might Be A Killer

Because having fun is part of human nature, Flalottery.com gives information on lottery gaming in Florida, which by funding education opportunities covers two essential needs in every community.

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How long do they take to answer e-mail inquiries made through their web form? Is it really useful, or will a phone call be a better option for solving doubts? FlaLottery.com