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FixUpMyPic.comFixUpMyPic is a photo retouch web app that allows pictures to be enhanced and manipulated by a professional staff. Users simply upload the pictures the picture they wish to have changed, specify exactly what they would like done to the picture, and the FixUpMyPic staff does the rest! The customized order is sent back to the user, and from there, the pictures may be uploaded to social networking sites (FixUpMyPic is the only photo retouch service to be integrated with existing social networks), emailed out to personal contacts, or used for any other personal or professional purpose.


Furthermore, since this site is run off of advertising revenue, it is a free service to all users. In Their Own Words

“FixUpMyPic is a web 2.0 tool that allows users to upload ordinary pics and have them ‘fixed’ by our large professional staff. These pics are then sent back to the user, where they can be shared on any popular social network, personal blog or web site, or even printed and shared as gifts. This whole process is 100% free, and no registration is required.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FixUpMyPic is a fantastic (and free!) personalized photo retouch service. Its simple, straight-forward, and very useful. However, this site is still in the beta phase, hence some glitches do come up. With a bit of site tweaking and further developing, FixUpMyPic has the potential to do very well.

Some Questions About

What other social networking services may be explored to increase awareness? How may additional advertisers be reached? What site developments can be made to enhance the website itself?

Author : Bill Webb

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