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FiversWorld.comHow much of a nuisance do you find filtering results by price when you are shopping online? Because I have the perfect site for you if you find doing such a thing the biggest waste of time and human energy ever. It is called FiversWorld, and as its name implies it is a site in which the price is always fixed. If you use it, there will be no need to look at price tags. It is always, always a fiver.


This marketplace is split into lots of different categories, and in addition to all the obvious ones like programming, business and advertising the site makes it possible to buy and sell tips and advices. And a category named silly stuff lives up to its name, with people offering to do things which are hardly essential but that will surely bring a smile to your lips.

The site also lets buyers suggest gigs. That is, if you fail to find someone selling what you are willing to buy for a fiver then you can simply place a request and see if your luck is in, and if someone who is willing to do what you need steps forth. In Their Own Words

What would you do for $5?

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact of knowing how much everything costs in advance turns this marketplace into something which is faster and more transparent than many others.

Some Questions About

Which categories see more activity? Why is that?

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