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Fivelimes.comAs a famous little froggy once said, being green isn´t easy; however the ‘Inconvenient Truth´ of the matter should goad us into making the effort. Fivelimes, a virtual green society where you can access info on the latest eco-friendly products and services, provided by like-minded community members, is here to guide the way.


Find, review, contribute, discuss and share. To use Fivelimes you don´t have to register unless you´d like to contribute to the site. The interface is simple—there are six tabs at the top of the page, there´s a search bar, and categories and reviews line each side. The simple mauve and green color scheme testifies to Fivelime´s principle of simplicity. Fivelime is for anyone who wants to get involved. Go green, try Fivelimes today. In Their Own Words

“ ‘Going Green” isn”t hard if you access to the right information. Fivelimes is an entirely user-generated community that acts as your independent resource for information on the latest eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services. Our mission is to make the job of finding, discussing, comparing and shopping for green products and services around the world extremely easy. The more people acting together, the greater our impact will be.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concern over global warming and ecological crises is gaining ground. People are realizing that the consume and spend mind-set could lead to severe damage. Fivelimes connects with a sizable niche market that is quickly growing.

Some Questions About

Will the FiveLimes audience embrace this site? How will it make profits? Will it expand to include other cities?

Author : Siri Marshall

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