Five Reasons To Watch TV Shows About Startups

These days, startup TV show programming is much more common than you’d expect. Whether you prefer reality TV-style shows like Shark Tank or something more comical like Silicon Valley, there’s something for everyone. But did you know that you might actually learn a thing or two about watching a startup TV show?

Aside from the characters and the basis for a business, shows like WeCrashed: The WeWork Story and Startup have a lot more to offer. We’ve put together a small guide with five things to keep an eye out for while watching these shows. You may know most of the business principles already, but there could be something new for you around the corner. Plus, hey, isn’t watching TV fun anyway?

Here are five things you could possibly get from watching a startup TV show!

Sometimes You’ll See What You Shouldn’t Do With a Startup From a Startup TV Show

Of course, as often is the case with some of these startup TV shows, you’ll learn what not to do. That’s because, the way most of these shows go with their script, there’s always some sort of conflict. Whether it’s garnering the attention of the law in Startup or just screwing up a project in Halt and Catch Fire, there’s a lot that comes from what not to do.

It really depends on the show. Startup is probably the standout example here, as all of the characters seem to be drawn into some sort of heinous action. As a result, money might be lost – or worse, as we saw in the previous season, someone could actually die. It’s true, a hazard in a startup could be right around the corner.

So pay close attention while you watch your startup TV show. A cautionary tale could definitely come from it.

You May Learn About New Technology

Considering that each startup TV show follows a current storyline – save for nostalgic favorites Halt and Catch Fire – there’s a good chance you could learn about a new technical trend from the show. For instance, Shark Tank could introduce you to new cryptocurrencies or NFT-based businesses that might show you what works – and what doesn’t – with them. Likewise, other shows have businesses that evolve (like Startup), but sometimes in a better way than you could expect.

Now, most of these are fictional, so maybe don’t let the real world get away from you too much. (Also, don’t get caught up in criminal action!) But who knows, you might just learn about something new for your startup to invest in!

You’ll See How – and How Not – To Treat People

If you ever wanted to get an idea of how a business gets started, you should take the time to watch a startup TV show. The reason for this is you get a good idea of what kind of characters get involved.

Sure, it does rely quite a bit on fiction, and some may not have the basing of real people. However, some, like WeCrashed, do, and show you how ego can get away from someone or how they can get their head together and create magic. It can go either way.

Plus you get to people-watch, and that’s always an important aspect of the business.

You Might Just Inspire New Ideas For Your Own Startup

This might be another long shot, but it goes hand in hand with the technical step we mention above. By watching a startup TV show, you could learn a great new idea for your startup.

Of course, you’d still have to do the research and see if it works out. Or maybe binge the show and see if the idea even has a chance of taking off before investing your hard-earned money into it. But remember, most of these shows have been written by people that have been through similar circumstances. So they understand just what works – and what doesn’t – with a startup. You might just learn something.

A Startup TV Show Is Just Fun To Watch

Finally, as we do with all TV shows anyway, a startup TV show is just fun to watch. Whether it’s a straight-up drama, a ridiculous reality TV show, or a good comedy, there’s a lot you can enjoy.

What’s more, performances are across the board here. Jared Leto has a field day in WeCrashed, while Martin Freeman shines in Startup. Also, the talented crew behind Halt and Catch Fire keeps up their amazing work. The real oddballs in Shark Tank are a lot of fun as well.

So, yeah, sit back and have a good time. Keep a notepad handy in case you might have an idea come to fruition, but just remember to enjoy the ride! These shows can do that for you.