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FITRadio.comLooking for BPM music to enhance your workout? Well, it hardly gets any better than this new website. It goes by the suitable name of FIT Radio, and it will let you have access to mixes of the highest quality, all from renowned DJs. They are the ones who create the mixes that you can listen to on the site, and that you can use for your next workout. Your next workout, or your next party – the music that you can have access to on accommodates both settings.


One of the best aspects of the whole platform is that everything works online. That is, if you decide to use FIT Radio you will have nothing to download. The music that the service plays to you is going to be found online, so as long as you have an Internet connection to go around then you will be able to use the service to the full. And the fact that both an iPhone and an Android app are available simply makes everything stand all the more usable. So does being able to try FIT Radio for free, without even having to sign up first – an online 15-minute trial is available for those who are interested in giving the service a try. In Their Own Words

DJ-Engineered Music of all Genres Designed to Amp Your Workout!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really fine way to get any workout or party going – all you need is a computer that can access the Internet. And a good pair of speakers, of course.

Some Questions About

What else can this service be used for?

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