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This Fitness App Is Also A Tamagotchi Pet

Today’s Killer Startup: Tep





Elevator Pitch

Tep is a fitness app tamagotchi pet!


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’m a ‘90s kid, which means I’m hella nostalgic. I don’t know if it’s just because we’re the first generation to grow up online or what, but there are so many nostalgia clickbait articles and nostalgia products out there aimed at those of us who came of age in the last decade of the century. Most of them are crap, but this one, Tep, has done an awesome job of combining fitness apps — which are so 2015 — with the quintessential ‘90s kid toy: tamagotchis.


For those of you who didn’t grow up in the nineties, tamagotchis were these weird little digital “pets” that you carried around on a keychain that looked like an egg. You had to feed your tamagotchi and make sure that it was generally taken care of and if you didn’t, it died. They were super primitive, pre-smartphone digital toys and we loved them.


But that was the ’90s. Today, in 2015, those of us who were of the age to love tamagotchis when they got popular are now the age of slower metabolisms. So many of my peers have turned to fitness apps and fitness trackers to help them take off the pounds that inevitably pile on when we get older. Now, we can combine the two with Tep.


Okay so, first of all, the virtual pet in Tep is way more cute than those weird tamagotchis were. It’s a cartoon giraffe (which happens to be my favorite animal) and comes with cutesy music and boots and hats that you can buy to make it even more adorable. My pet came with the name Blinky, and it’s now up to me to turn on the tracker every time I walk, bike, or run. When I do that, I earn points that can be redeemed to buy Blinky food or treats.


Unfortunately, because I don’t have a fitness tracker, I can’t track other types of workouts, like the body weight exercises I do regularly. However, those of you who rock a FitBit or a Jawbone can integrate it with the app and count all of those workouts (and yoga!) as well.


Ready to get working out? Miss your tamagotchi pet? Tep is the app for you.



#90s babies, LISTEN UP! This fitness app is also a TAMAGOTCHI!!! @getupgetTep


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Author : Emma McGowan

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