Fitfully Kicks Off The Shoe-Sizing Issues That Have Stomped Online Sales

When it comes to shoes, e-commerce started off on the wrong foot.


92% of shoes are still bought offline, a paltry one out of every eleven pairs. And consumers aren’t the only ones who are less than impressed. Only 65% of shoes sold online are profitable, which makes online ordering a retailer’s Achilles’ heel.





The main problem? Fit. Too many shoes bought online are returned due to improper fit. Not every size 7 fits the same foot the same way; shoppers may be unsure of their shoe size to begin with… Until now, the only way to be absolutely sure of purchasing the right fitting shoe has been to trek to a brick-and-mortar shop and try ‘em on.


Meet Fitfully.


Fitfully is a virtual shoe-fitting service that lets consumers know exactly how their feet will fit into a shoe, so they can buy shoes online with full confidence that they’ll fit perfectly. Fitfully’s patent-pending platform allows shoppers to scan their foot digitally using a mobile phone camera.





It takes some pretty amazing technology on the part of the Israeli startup to pull off this feat (pun intended). It operates in full 3D, comparing over 25,000 points of your foot to the desired shoe in order to pinpoint a fit. A proprietary set of computer vision algorithms fixes blur, distortion, noise, lighting, and other elements of the 3D image before outputting it for sizing.


Fitfully utilizes anatomical and mathematical models that focus on bone construction and provide insight as to how the foot moves inside the shoe – so it can determine where the lack of fit is coming from in a detailed manner; for example, letting you know if it’s too tight around the toes or too loose around the heel.


For all the sophistication tech, it only takes one 30-second scan on any iOS or Android-powered device before Fitfully can begin helping shoppers find the perfect pair of shoes.




This is the only solution that works in 3D and compares the entire foot. Other tools simple compare the bottom of a foot to the bottom of a shoe, and we all know how ineffective that method is. With Fitfully, it’s just like you’re trying a shoe on in the store.


Maybe even better. Adidas and Schuh UK have been working with Fitfully for two years to make the app available both online and at retail locations. Expect other brands and platforms to jump at the chance to partner up.


Ready to take a load off and try on any pair of shoes with accurate precision, directly through your mobile device? Access a beta version of Fitfully by downloading the app through the App Store or the Play Store.


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