FissionAds – Watch Your Advertising Revenue Soar

There’s something mesmerizing about watching numbers rise continuously. Though the fad seems to have passed, this is why it was fashionable for a time to display escalating pageviews or new users on the landing pages of websites. We ooh and ahh and become curious to see how high the numbers will go. Ever peek at the national debt clock? It’s a riveting, mind blowing exercise.


Well, how much cooler would it be to experience the increasing-number hypnosis because of your ad revenues soaring? To sit back and just watch profits going up and up?


It’s entirely possible with FissionAds, an online platform that automates online advertising. Instead of shelling out for an expensive firm to create campaigns for you or attempting to employ a marketing team, you can start enjoying real-time ROI in just a few clicks.


fissionads landing


How so, you ask? Here is part of the process explained in FissionAds own words: “Our patented EiNSTEiN Algorithm uses real-time data from your ad networks to automate your Facebook bidding and maximize ROI, resulting in huge time savings and more profit.”


That’s the good news only in regard to Facebook. With FissionAds you can also automate your digital advertising across other channels. You can control your entire marketing workflow from a single platform.


In addition to automated bidding, you also have real-time analytics, so you know right away where your company is generating the most money. You can take advantage of instant insights to make changes or zero in on targets, and work more efficiently. What’s more, users have access to FissionAds University, where they can stay up on best practices and keep ahead of the competition.


Besides those spellbinding profit figures, FissionAds provides visual, user-friendly analytics to help you better understand your business. Rather than waste time trying to interpret data, simple graphs and other powerful tools let you track ad performance with minimal effort.


Want to know what the bottom dollar looks like and to see better results from your online advertising – through automated systems? Bring your advertising sources and revenue streams over to FissionAds.


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