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FishbowlClient.comFishbowl is a new client that will let you approach Facebook in a different light. Using it you will be capable of reading your news feed and accessing content on the whole using a different interface.


You will also be able to post updates in a new fashion.

Some defining points of this client include the ability to filter news feeds and have only messages that adhere to this or the other guideline published, whereas one of the most ingenious (and useful) features on offer is something called the mini-mode. Basically, it is a collapsible window that will let you stay connected without having to focus all your screen (and attention) on Facebook. Multitouch navigation is also taken into account along with a dynamic taskbar.

When it comes to the operating systems that are supported, this application is available only to Windows users. The system requirements are listed on the relevant part of the site, but I bet most of you will meet them easily.

If you decide to give this a try, all you have to do is download the free trial version and install it. Everything is very clear, and you will know if this is for you or not after a couple of tries. In Their Own Words

“Experience your Facebook content in new ways with a trial desktop client application that lets you personalize how you read your newsfeed, update status, comment, like, browse and upload photos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking into unlocking the full power of Facebook will find it worthwhile.

Some Questions About

How will this evolve from now on? Which functionalities will be added?

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