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FirstLineFiction.comThe ways in which the Internet modifies the MO of writers is something debatable. Some could say that writers are intrinsically asocial, and that the anonymity of the web serves them well.

That is, it does not modify their habits. But others would say that the Internet provides writers with a space where they can keep their distance at the same time that they somehow become involved with others, having an experience that enriches what they do as crafters of art and also as human beings.

Sites like this one might steer the debate into the latter course. FirstLineFiction is basically a site where writers are suggested a single line, and they must use it in order to kickstart a short narrative piece. And the one who writes the best short story wins a monetary prize.

The social aspect comes into the equation since the winner of these mini-contests is voted upon by the community. That is, the ones who write choose the best author together.

As someone who has always been fascinated by books and the creative process as a whole, I can but find this approach interesting. Although there is a monetary prize at play, it is far too clear that the objective of the site is actually being a catalyst for inventiveness. And in that sense, it passes the test with flying colors. In Their Own Words

“FirstLineFiction is a website dedicated to hosting writing contests in which the participants choose the winners. It is the aim of our contests to provide a fun and creative outlet to motivate writers of all levels.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as ways for spicing the creativity of writers go, this is a pretty novel (and at the same time) well-focused resource.

Some Questions About

Are there sites that play out a similar role when it comes to other literary genres?