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FirstEntrant.comThe First Entrant website is a resource that provides a very concise service, namely scanning the Internet in order to investigate and find out which sites introduced certain business models first.

The goal of this web-based initiative is to deliver an overall ranking that takes into consideration as many business models as possible.

This ranking is actually the first thing that one sees when visiting the site, as the main page is subdivided in eight different sections. These merit mentioning, since they are the meat and bones of the site: “Business Networks”, “Social Bookmarking”, “Student Networks” and “Video Sharing”. The four remaining sections list portals, and these include: “Automobile Market”, “Real Estate”, “Price Comparison” and “Service Auctions”. The top 10 websites in any of the preceding categories are highlighted. In every case, information like the country of origin is featured along with a reference on how long that website has been online.

Lastly, the site also includes a “Definitions” category that explains the criteria the First Entrant team adheres to when doing research. In Their Own Words

“ is the first global Web-Community that scans the entire internet to answer one question: Who entered the market first? delivers you global and national rankings for many business models.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is and interesting and reliable source of online information.

Some Questions About

Will more business categories be added as time goes by?

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