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FirstBlogMedia.comFirst Blog Media is the first headache-free, end-to-end podcasting solution for companies looking to leverage new media. They make it dead simple: Your world-class podcast is recorded, edited, and distributed.


It’s optimized for search, and it’s monitored to ensure it reaches your audience with the most appropriate message. All while they commit to helping you build your business with powerful, conversation-level tools. What’s interesting is that it’s totally affordable: You can have a world-class production for $1,000’s below the cost of other media channels including TV and radio. Through November 31, 2007 visitors of receive $25 off their first order of Premium Service with coupon code KILLERSTARTUPS. In Their Own Words

“First Blog Media saves you that worry, and guarantees you a world-class production you and your customers will love. And because we let you take a hands-free approach, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter. Like building your business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With as many as 30,000 searchable podcasts on iTunes today, more and more companies would like to use podcasts to reach their markets. First Blog Media addresses that subset of companies which wants to break into new media with a world-class podcast, but prefers a solution that allows them to do so quickly and easily. And so they promise a high-quality podcast with a single, Premium Service package — and that’s a highly-targeted message for a growing section of the marketplace.

Some Questions About

How’s this service different from free text-to-speech services? Do they offer more than one service package?

Author : Bill Webb

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