search cancel – A Revolution in Online Dating takes the dating game and turns it on its head.


Instead of sitting in front of your PC searching for the latest virtual (or not) partner the site allows you to create a profile but then keeps it secret from the public. Registered members can then purchase personalized ‘dating cards’ and hand them out to people they meet in real life. The dating cards contains a username and pass key which allows the recipient of the card access to the members profile. The cards are made from high quality plastic (credit card) style and are a stylish why to break the ice, especially for those with luck of confidence. In Their Own Words

“How many times have you seen somebody in passing, wishing you had the time or courage to get to know them. That attractive guy on the bus, that girl you keep seeing at the club! Hand them a personalized date card and let them view your private profile.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s unique; anything that helps someone ‘break the ice’ as they say has got to be good. Better than handing out a mobile number on a screwed up post-it note that’s for sure.

Some Questions About

Are really people using this card? How many of them are going to use it when the moment comes?

Author : Bill Webb

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