FireWallScript – Configurable Firewall

FireWallScriptFirewall Script has just introduced a PHP-based firewall that can be run by users on their own servers, as well as by users on shared hosted servers. This new service is similar to the already-popular firewall system Mod Security, but differs in the fact that any individual user on a server can install and modify the program.

Furthermore, the service offers a feature known as Rule Packs, which may be pre-configured for users’ current web applications. Firewall Script is simple to use as well, thus minimizing the level of technological knowledge necessary for installation and modification.

FireWallScript In Their Own Words

“Firewall Script offers unparalleled protection against web based attacks for any website supporting PHP. Never before has this level of protection been available without costly routers or hardware.”

Why FireWallScript It Might Be A Killer

Firewall Script is a very easy-to-use firewall system that requires minimal tech experience. It can be modified based on users’ needs. Its unique ability to be used by users on both their own and shared host servers sets it apart from other firewall systems.

Some Questions About FireWallScript

Which potential users should be targeted to switch to this new firewall system? How great is the potential market share for this new service? What support services can be offered to users? FireWallScript