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Keep You Design Team Burning Up The Fast Track With Firefly

A theory as to why there are so many collaboration tools online, yet at least, let’s say five founders per day (for the sake of modesty) are dissatisfied enough with the options available that they feel compelled to build their own: so many tools focus on the collaborating rather than the work that needs to get done.


It makes sense in a way. People collaborate on all kinds of projects, so you would win lots of clients if you could help them all out. Only, this logic has clearly led to solutions that don’t make anyone happy.


Firefly takes a different route. Yes, it’s a tool for collaborating, but it understands that it’s about helping teams build better designs. Firefly has room for commenting and discussions, of course, but they don’t steal the stage. It’s the design itself that stays in view – which is why Firefly can actually help teams work together better and faster.




Nab graphics, photos, UI ideas, app designs, mockups, existing web pages, etc. by uploading them quickly, and you’re in business. Firefly makes it easy to both collect and view ideas. So much is made about updating versions and everyone working on the same version concerning collaboration – Firefly keeps versions in simple sequential order. How confusing is that? (Not at all.)


Designers can draw on pages, make annotations, attach files – fling whatever is necessary at the work in progress – to keep the drafting process churning. Go ahead and talk about things and mark your tasks complete. It’s called getting things done and doesn’t require much fanfare.


Straightforward design management, on the other hand, is worth celebrating. Firefly simplifies sharing and working on designs. Bravo. What’s more, with links between those screens in progress, presenters can turn static designs into interactive demonstrations. While another team spends the day grouping contacts, the bunch using Firefly will have already won contracts with their impressive prototypes.


Also, Firefly keeps your designs safe and you can access the software from anywhere. (Really, if you offer customers anything less, you should consider a career change.) More importantly, Firefly captures your design ideas, lets you annotate however you like and to your heart’s content, and achieve results.


So, if you want to gear your team for the easy exchange of ideas AND accomplishing design projects quickly, be sure to grab a closer look at Firefly at


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Author : Keith Liles

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