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Nothing has empowered so many people to become entrepreneurs quite like the Internet. Whether based in the real world or entirely on the web, opportunity has grown limitless. Bloggers, service providers, storefronts, event organizers, artists – you name it, there’s space online for everyone.


Which is all to say that A LOT of people who never dreamed of needing a website wind up needing one. And how do they get one? Build it themselves? Pay a good penny for someone else to design a site for them? There are plenty of options, but they require a substantial amount of time, money, or both.


Or, there’s Firedrop. Your very own A.I. web designer.


firedrop landing


Move aside drag and drop. With Firedrop, you add the content you’d like to include on your website, answer a few questions, and then watch as it creates the website in front of your eyes. Forget about coding and formatting. Say goodbye to templates. You supply the text, images, videos or whatever other content you need, and Firedrop does all the work.


What about updates, you ask? Not a problem. Firedrop will incorporate whatever you elect to add, delete, change, and make seamless adjustments in the background.


In the company’s own words: “Firedrop is more than just a website building tool, it is an intelligent virtual assistant that works with you, listens to you, and leverages cutting edge machine learning to continuously improve your website even after it’s launched.”


Unless you enjoy the challenges of creating and maintaining websites, this is about as easy as assembly comes.


Are Firedrop websites limited somehow? Hardly. Firedrop can handle one-click integration of other apps. What’s more, the designs are responsive, meaning that they work on tablets and mobile devices from the outset.


That’s not all. For everyone who obsesses about performance and conversion rates, your Firedrop assistant is hard at work for you in this department as well. No need for complicated analytic tools or to scrutinize data again and again. Since Firedrop keeps learning after you’ve launched, it monitors behavior and conducts automatic A/B tests – and makes adjustments for you! Yes, you can continue to improve your site without lifting a finger.


Ready to have your website practically build itself? Ready to experience the ease of collaborating with your personal A.I. web designer? A full release of Firedrop is slated for the last quarter of 2016. Sign up for beta release or learn more at


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