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FindTheBacon.comWould you bet five bucks that you can name every movie that your favourite actor or actress has ever starred in? If you do, then this is a site that you should visit – it is in your exact wavelength. On you will be able to play a movie challenge in which you have to determine the connection between movies and specific stars by following a chain of films, and that chain can actually be as long as you want.

The statistics making up the FindTheBacon database come directly from Freebase, and in case you are not in the mood for playing games then you can simply enter the name of any two actors and have FindTheBacon highlight the relevant connections for you to

And yes, the site is named after actor Kevin Bacon. A short biography of the Mystic River star is provided on the site, and it points out something that is very, very true: Bacon is clearly one of the most renowned actors never to have been nominated for an Oscar. Interesting… In Their Own Words

Celebrity connections made easy.

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Those who love movies will be in their element here.

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Has this site got any kind of practical purpose?