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FindMyShift.comAre you looking for work shift software? If that is so, you have come to the right site. offers a useful software you can use to divide the shifts of your employees. You can use this software to divide work shifts of the employees on your company.

On you will find information about how to use this schedule software to easily divide the shifts of your employees and post it on a place where everybody can see it. Find My Shift offers an innovative and useful way to provide all the information about shift schedule in your work. offers a special online calendar that allows you to anticipate and divide the shifts you will cover in your work and provide the possibility of shift exchange between employees. In conclusion, if you are looking for a useful program to divide the work shifts of your business, feel free to stop by this site. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to findmyshift – the original online staff scheduler. Four years on and we’re still leading the way with the simplest, most cost effective staff scheduling solutions. Our simple web-based editor means there’s no staff training required, no tedious entry screens and nothing to install. Just simple, straight forward staff scheduling.

So what’s different about findmyshift? We give you direct on screen editing, allowing you to type anywhere on the schedule. You can drag and drop entries, copy and paste with your mouse, text message your staff when shifts change and track your day to day costs with built in reports. All this from within your browser so there’s nothing to download or install. Best of all your staff schedules are stored online, and available to view and edit by you and your staff any time, anywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible tool that has a very satisfying range of features to offer its users.

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How much does it cost? Are there different plans available?