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FindMeDateMe.comDating sites often charge you for their services, love isn’t free after all, is it? If you find Miss Julie interesting, you can’t contact her unless you put down some cash. This arrangement obviously benefits the intermediaries.


FindMeDateMe has come up with a clever recourse: social networking for online dating. Here you don’t have to dish out the big bucks just to connect with your Miss Julie. FindMeDateMe supports the most popular dating sites and more; if there’s one you want to include, let them know. So if you find someone that you really want to contact but really don’t have the dollars to do so, simply search for them on FindMe; contact info will be provided to you free of charge. Love shouldn’t be an enterprise, which is why FindMe lets you socialize instead of paying premium. In Their Own Words

“Findmedateme is the world’s first social network for online dating and online daters. Below is a brief example of how this site should be utilized. Suppose you find a member on with the username Jen4Luv interesting. On both you and Jen4Luv must pay to send and receive a contact. Here on findmedateme, you simply search for Jen4Luv by entering her username in our search form and contact her for FREE.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Great idea. Online dating is a huge enterprise; there are tons of lonely, single people out there and they will shell out the steep fees all in the name of dating. FindMeDateMe bypasses the whole payment scheme and connects people without the hassle. It’s simple yet utterly zeitgeisty and 2.0.

Some Questions About

Does it really work? Don’t both interested parties have to sign up for it to be effective? Is it true that you already have to be a member of a dating site for it to work? Will daters sign up? How do the searching features compare with other sites?

Author : Siri Marshall

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