– More Than Just A Search Engine

Finditt.comWhat makes Finditt so unique is what its slogan claims: “More than just a search engine”. Finditt is a real-time interactive search engine that enables companies, businesses and individuals the ability to submit information directly into a search database, eliminating the delays associated with other search engines that rely on spiders.

The Web directory is similar to a huge reference library. It is hierarchically arranged by subject – from broad to specific – such as health, arts, education, real state, pets, science, nightlife, etc. Community editors evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation. To suggest a listing for inclusion simply go to the main page and follow the directory links. Beyond searching the web, images, audio, news and shopping, Finditt allows you to upload audio news releases and interviews and provides you, in case you don’t have the means to produce it, with production assistance. Other features include: auctions, dating, videos, horoscopes, recipes, music, and friends. You can connect with people you know: family, school friends, and co-workers, join and create “Groups” around your interests and get a friend’s recommendation for anything from a great restaurant to a gentle dentist. In Their Own Words

“Finditt .com is designed to provide the most accurate and relevant search results on the internet. By empowering companies, businesses and individuals with the ability to directly submit their information into the database, the most up-to-date material can be displayed. There are no other search engines that allow direct submission into their database; instead they utilize spiders and pull information from web sites. This can cause lengthy delays in new information being picked up by their search engine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finditt opens a range of possibilities for not just consumers, but for companies and businesses too, as they can submit their websites, news and audio files directly into the search database. Results may be great or lousy, but it’s a very interesting proposal.

Some Questions About

Search engines have become an essential and popular way for people to find information online. However, the number of search engines appearing everyday is almost crazy. How will little-known search engines like Finditt are going to compete with the major ones? Will Finditt attract the masses?