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Findero.usOne of the best copilots you’re finding if you’re thinking about traveling anywhere, Finderous can be termed a social service that revolves around interesting places. Users of Finderous can interact with other people who are nearby, and ask for advice on the best venues to visit, and the most noteworthy places to go sightseeing. It’s all done by specifying what one is in the mood for. Other users of the site will then be able to contribute their insight to what is being asked (and later on) discussed. And the person who posted the original question will remain in the loop at all times, as they will be notified whenever anything is added to their original threads.

Users of Finderous can make both personalized and anonymous contributions. Threads can be started without disclosing one’s name, and answers to threads can also be posted anonymously. That makes a lot of sense when you think that users of Finderous don’t follow each other – rather, they follow the places that are mentioned and the content/discussions that go with these. In any case, all the replies that are posted to any question can be liked (a la Facebook), so as to give others an idea of their suitability and accuracy. In Their Own Words

Welcome to finderous. Find answers and follow interesting places.

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Will users warm to the concept of following places after years of having followed people on other social sites?