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Find Your Food with Sirved

You just never know when that insane craving will strike.



For some people it’s Chinese, for others it’s a sweet treat – but no matter what your belly is saying to you, there are times when it needs to be answered NOW.  And luckily for us, in today’s age of instant gratification, ordering takeout or delivery is just a few taps away.


But while ordering is the easy part, actually finding where to order from is often quite difficult.  For starters, the massive selection of restaurant choices available these days makes narrowing down your search a timely and painstaking process.


Then, when you finally land on your ideal spot, getting menu information is another issue altogether.  How many times have you driven by a great-looking restaurant, only to come up empty when trying to find their menu online?  It’s enough to make you, and that voice inside your stomach, crazy.


Plenty of restaurant menu apps exist on the digital sphere – but none of that provide you with instant access or appealing food photos from establishments across the country.  It’s time to change all that with Sirved.

Sirved is a restaurant discovery tool with a mission to help hungry consumers find local restaurant menus.  It’s the world’s most comprehensive menu-based search engine – housing hundreds of thousands of locations (and their menus) in its database.


The platform utilizes crowdsourcing and other information gathering methods to locate and capture images of restaurant menus.  From there, it leverages AI and machine learning to make discovering restaurants easy for the user, and searchable by craving, keyword, or dietary need.  No more frustrating, endless Google searches to find what you want – Sirved gets you satisfied right away.


Available for free on both iOS and Android devices, the simple-to-use Sirved app also provides food photos to fuel that appetite even more.  Users can explore restaurants with its innovative discover tiles – covering Italian, Sushi, Mexican, Burgers, and much more. Or, they can simply type in a specific dish and instantly receive a list of restaurants that have it.


The restaurants themselves stand to benefit too – as Sirved provides a direct, user-friendly outlet to hungry customers in their local area.  Here is just a “small plate” of the additional features & benefits users can expect:


  • Restaurants can post their menus for free
  • Provides data and insights in regards to current dining trends
  • Hours of operation, contacts, and other restaurant info also provided
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard provided to restaurants
  • Restaurant access to a VIP mailing list

Sirved was conceptualized back in 2015 by Founder Jonathan Leslie, and in just a few years’ time, is making a name for itself as a top up-and-coming option in the restaurant industry.  The app’s database is growing steadily every day – currently sitting at 428.800+ online menus.


Got a hankering for a certain dish, or interested in having your restaurant featured?  Check Sirved out online at and then click the button in the upper right-hand corner to download the free app.  The Founder can also be reached directly at


Photos: Sirved Mobile Solutions Inc.

Author : Richard Haschke

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