Find the Right Person to Talk to, on the Topics You Desire

With every tap of the screen and scroll of the page, there’s new information out there just waiting to be discovered.


No matter what your topic of choice might be, chances are it’s out there on the internet – and you can gain significant knowledge of it fairly quickly if you put in the time and know where to look.  But it’s that whole “knowing where to look” thing that gets tricky.


Between social media, blog posts, Quora replies, and online directories, there are certainly no shortage of sources to turn to.  And while this is a truly remarkable thing, it’s also very tedious – as finding information takes lots of time & requires visits to many sites.  Not to mention the inherent lack of credibility on the internet, which can send you in the opposite direction altogether.


Plus, what if you want to go to the next level and become an expert on a subject?  Written content can only take you so far – and getting in touch with thought leaders who can provide valuable 1-on-1 insight is a difficult and limited process.  It’s tough to get truly inspired.


Why limit yourself to inconvenient web searches and base-level knowledge?  Introducing Vidashare: a real-time conversational platform for those wishing to become truly inspired about a topic.  By appointment, users can have 1-on-1 live video calls with a network of qualified “Sharers” who will divulge tips, expertise, life experiences, and more across a wide range of topics.

Vidashare’s mission to become the ultimate destination for people to personally connect with those that they admire and are inspired by.  Rather than sifting through page after page of text, their platform provides expert-level coaching that actually gets them excited and wanting to learn even more.


Users can book sessions according to their schedules and take video calls from any device.  The topics covered include business coaching, health & wellness, dating & relationships, life coaching, beauty, fashion, cooking, and more – and best of all, Vidashare’s “Sharers” will provide info at whatever level the user is comfortable with (beginner to expert).  Find the Sharers that suit you best, request a session with them at one of their available time slots with a short message and your payment, wait for them to confirm it, and have the session at the requested date and time. Sharers will set the topic, price, duration and dates of their sessions.  And interested learners (after looking at the sharer’s profiles/reviews) will book these sessions.


Here’s a top-level glimpse at how the simple process works for users once they’re registered:


  1. Browse Sharers’ profiles and available sessions based on interests;
  2. Book a session and receive confirmation within 12 hours;
  3. Configure payment info via Stripe Connect;
  4. When your session time arrives, log back into Vidashare and conduct it;
  5. Review the Sharer and continue browsing at your leisure.

Vidashare was originally conceptualized by Jose Harari Uziel earlier in 2019.  Since then, he’s worked hard to develop the platform to a functional Beta level and plans to continue adding features based on early user feedback.  The Sharer network currently consists of 5 individuals, with ongoing efforts being made to expand it further.


Want more information on Vidashare, or to try the Beta version for yourself?  Simply visit them online at  The Founder can also be reached directly at [email protected].


Photos: Vidashare