Find the Perfect Business Name, Instantly

It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever do as a business owner – yet many only give it a few minutes’ worth of thought.


Deciding on a business name is a hugely important task that has long-term ramifications on your brand’s identity.  An unappealing or misunderstood moniker can deliver the wrong message to your target audience (either consciously or subconsciously), keeping many potential customers away right from the start.  This is why doing actual research is so important.


Sometimes, however, you’ll commit days of detailed analysis to choosing your company’s name, land on the perfect one, and boom: you discover it’s already taken in your state.  In addition to this, there are a number of other usage factors (trademarks, domains, etc.) that people often fail to look into, but should steer you away from certain names – in order to avoid sunk costs and other issues down the road.


The time has come to stop wasting your time on misguided research, and to start building better businesses.  Introducing Formal Founder: a business name availability search tool that provides the entire scope of business name search, completely free of charge.

Most states simply offer publicly-available government registrars to check name availability; but Formal Founder combines everything under one umbrella.  The platform helps entrepreneurs find available business names, trademarks, domains, social media handles, and more nationwide – and does so instantly with a single query.


Behind the scenes, they actively monitor the USPTO and different business registrars to provide accurate, up-to-date information.  Taking this national approach is a huge help to those looking to do business in (or eventually expand into) other states.

In addition to searching nationally, users can also search by specific state if they so choose.  Here are the primary categories of results they can expect on Formal Founder:


  • Government registrars – All state departments are checked for existing business names and state IP assets that may exist
  • Trademark & Patent records – Not just the USPTO, but similar offices in over 110 other nations
  • Social media networks – All major social platforms are scoured for your name’s page availability
  • Domain registrars – Assistance with finding available domain names that match your business


Formal Founder was just launched earlier in 2019 by Founder Michael Arciola, but has already compiled an impressive 250 million+ (and growing) associated records.  Going forward, the company hopes to continue increasing its national user base and eventually initiate an actionable revenue model.


Got an idea for a great business name that you’re curious about?  Use the platform yourself by visiting  You can also reach the Founder directly via email at [email protected].

Photos: Formal Founder