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Find The Best Web Apps For Your Startup, All In One Place

Today’s Killer Startup: AppCoral



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Elevator Pitch:

AppCoral helps you discover the web’s best apps and tools. With a catalog of over a thousand handpicked apps in twenty categories, you can find the ideal tool just right for your task.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

The internet is full of great tools for startup founders, probably because one of the main reasons founders found is because they’re facing a problem in their own lives or businesses. Ergo, it makes total sense that there are thousands upon thousands of sites and apps that solve almost every problem, down to the most minute minutiae, that you have, could, or will run into.


But how do you know which ones are great and which ones are only so-so?


Well, you read KillerStartups, obviously, as the first step. But, you know, we can’t cover everything, which is why I recommend you check out AppCoral. The site has only just launched but it’s already stocked with over a thousand handpicked web apps.


Looking for great CRM? Want to use only the best analytics tools? How about apps that help you collaborate, come up with great domain names, make forms and surveys, or set up a payment gateway? AppCoral has you covered on them all.


“AppCoral has just started up and already we’ve helped thousands of users find the best web apps and tools for the task at hand,” says founder Aldo Vestenius. “This is only the start for AppCoral and our mission of simplifying your business. All of the team is so thrilled at the impact AppCoral has already made and can’t wait to release more of what we’ve been working on later this year.”


So the next time you’re searching for the best tools for your startup, head over to AppCoral and choose from the best of the best.



Looking for the best handpicked web apps for your #startup? Look no further than @AppCoral!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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