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Find That Extra Motivation To Workout With This Subscription Box

Today’s Killer Startup: StrengthCrate



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Elevator Pitch:

StrengthCrate is a monthly subscription service that delivers fitness-related stuff to you door, helping you stay on track with your fitness goals.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Up until a year ago, whenever anyone mentioned running I would glibly quip that I only ran if someone was chasing me. I was blessed with the wonderful combination of good genetics and still being young. Then, in my late twenties, I all of a sudden stopped being able to eat and drink anything I wanted and I gained a solid twenty pounds of fat.


Now, this was of course what everyone had been telling me was going to happen for ages. I’d scoffed at their warnings, but it turned out they were right: it really does catch up to you. I started working out and I am now known to my neighbors as the girl who looks like an idiot doing high-intensity interval training early, every other morning, rather than the girl who looks like an idiot smoking her first cigarette after waking up midday.


It’s a trade-off I’m happy with.


So while StrengthCrate wouldn’t even have blipped on my radar a year ago, I’m pumped about it now. The service combines the delight of a subscription box (love them) with products that will help you stay fit. They have three options, ranging from The Warm Up Box at $35 a month to the The Greatest of All Time Box at $75 per month. The boxes contain a combination of equipment, supplements, apparel, training aids, and a special treat like protein bars or paleo snacks.


I’ve learned the lesson that everyone who’s interested in staying healthy learns at some point: sticking to it is super hard. StrengthCrate helps you stick to your goals by providing that extra little umph to motivate you every month. Head over to their site and choose the best box for you to get started today!



Need a little extra motivation to get you to #workout? A box from @StrengthCrate will delight and motivate you!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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