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Find Out What Influenced Your Favorite Entrepreneurs With Bookstck

Today’s Killer Startup: Bookstck



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Elevator Pitch:

Bookstck is “a curated bookshelf made by entrepreneurs.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

If I had to name one quality that describes a startup founder, I’d say “obsessive.” Obsessive covers the amount of dedication it takes to build something from nothing, the hours upon hours spent working, the dedication and blind faith that goes into creating a startup. Obsessive also covers the amount of research founders have to do in order to gain all of the knowledge they’ll need to successfully build and run their businesses. After all, most of them didn’t learn how to do what they do in any official school.


Bookstck is the latest tool to help obsessive startup founders on that quest to know everything there is to know about starting up. The site features famous startup people (like, for example Marc Andreessen and Bill Gates) and shares their book recommendations. It’s an inside look on the words and ideas that helped make the greats great.


The site also has a little compilation at the bottom, highlighting the best book recommendations, based on how many of their super stars have mentioned them. These are the absolute must-reads, the “if you read nothing else, read these” books.


While there is plenty of information online for current and future startup founders about starting up (God knows I’ve written a few hundred thousand words on the topic myself), Bookstck is a clear way for people to find out what has influenced and inspired their idols.


Startup founders are obsessive. They obsess over everything from the color of icons to the best social media strategy to which coder they’re going to take on as their technical co-founder. Obsessing is simply part of the startup game. Get obsessive over the books listed in BookStck and put that quality to good use!



Hey #startup founders! Ready to know what influenced your idols? Check out @Bookstck


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Author : Emma McGowan

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