Find Jobs Faster With AI-Powered JobSeer

Job hunting can be a pain. There. I said it. It can take hours of scrolling through job boards just to find a few roles you’re both interested in and qualified for. Job posts don’t always have all the information you’re looking for, especially regarding the salary. Even with search filters applied, job posts aren’t always relevant to what you’re looking for. And when you do find a job to apply to, it can be difficult to track down someone to talk to for more information about the role. Sound familiar? You could keep on doing what you’re doing, or you could try JobSeer.

JobSeer is an AI-powered Chrome extension tool designed to help job seekers narrow down their job search by 50%. It can show a variety of information that may not be listed on the job postings, including salaries, company insights, recruiters’ contact information and more. JobSeer is compatible with various job boards, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice and Google Jobs. JobSeer can also use your resume to compare your skills to the skills required for a specific role, and even provide a match score to help you decide if you’re a good fit for the job.

Here’s how it works:

Install and open JobSeer
With just a few clicks, job seekers can add JobSeer as a Chrome extension, which can then be pinned to their extension bar for convenience. Once you’ve opened your preferred job board, open the JobSeer widget.

Enter your information
With JobSeer open, you can upload your resume, which JobSeer will use to compare your experience and skills with those requested in a job listing. Multiple resumes can be uploaded. You can also type in the job titles you’re interested in, your skills, location, experience level and preferred job type.

Dive into the results
Hit search! For each job listing in the search results, JobSeer provides a match score that tells you how closely you match the job based on the information in your resume and the job description. JobSeer also tells you which skills you did and did not match with, along with information about the salary, company, and recruiter contact information.

JobSeer includes a variety of features designed to solve job seekers’ pain points while reducing stress and time spent searching.

Smart Search
Smart Search allows users to enter search criteria, which will be used to help determine the job seeker’s compatibility with a given role.

Match Score
The match score is a number out of 100 that represents how well the job seeker matches the role based on their resume and the job description.

Company Insights
JobSeer provides a range of company insights, such as how authentic the company is, where its headquarters is located, when it was founded, its size, its revenue, its social media accounts, its funding round (if applicable), and its competitors.

Recruiters & Employees Information
The Contact Finding feature lets users cold email a recruiter to increase their chances of being noticed, or cold email a current employee that the user has some relation to for a referral. Users can send five emails per day.

Job hunting isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but JobSeer provides helpful information to make the process easier. Sound like something you could use? Visit to learn more.