A Brand New Way To Find Bloggers Who Want To Write About Your Startup

Today’s Killer Startup: Anewstip


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Elevator Pitch:

Anewstip helps you find journalists who are interested in what you’re doing based on what they tweet.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

If there’s one thing I know founders are always looking for, it’s bloggers and journalists to write about their startups. I know this because I’m contacted all the damn time by you guys, asking for articles or a shout out or anything to get the word out.


And I get it! Your startup is your baby and you want the world to know about it! The problem is, figuring out who might write about your company is a long, arduous process – and if there’s one thing we all know that startup founders don’t have a lot of, it’s time.


Anewstip helps shorten that process by letting you search through more than a billion real-time and historical tweets from more than a million journalists and media outlets, from as far back as Twitter’s beginning in 2006. You can search based on the name of your product, your business, your competitors, or industry keyword. Basically, if anyone has talked about anything related to your startup on Twitter, you can find them.


But it doesn’t end there! Anewstip lets you monitor new tweets as they go live, so you don’t miss any opportunities that are still in development. You can also organize any contacts you’ve found into lists, complete with one-click additions of their Twitter profiles. No more copy/pasting into rambling, unwieldy spreadsheets!


Finally, Anewstip has a one-click pitch option, which you can track to see if your targeted journalists even open and see your pitch.


Ready to shave hours off your media outreach plan? Get started with one of the range of packages that Anewstip offers today.



Check out this awesome way to get your #startup in front of the journalists/bloggers who want to write about it: @anewstip


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