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Find A Job With Just A Few Texts To Miley

Today’s Killer Startup: Miley





Elevator Pitch:

Miley is a digital “personal job agent” who will find you a job after just a few texts.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

No one likes searching for a job. Whether you utilize Craigslist or job boards or a temp agencies, the whole process just sucks. One of the worst parts is waiting to hear back from companies about whether or not they’re even interested in interviewing, a wait that can sometimes last forever if they’re not interested but don’t think it’s necessary to inform you of that fact.


Miley helps shortcut the job search process. All you have to do is something you already do: text. Just send a message to (650)-449-8822 that includes your full name. That’ll start a conversation that will help Miley figure out your interests, skills, and schedule. The site promises that this initial convo should take around five minutes. After that, sit back and relax and Miley should be back with a potential job for you within three days.


While there’s no guarantee of the types of jobs you’ll find via Miley, you can count on their “direct relationships with the hottest companies throughout the country” – and they promise a range of possibilities, including positions in hospitality, transportation, retail, delivery, and more. It seems like most of them are independent contractor-type jobs, so this could also be a great option for folks who are already employed and looking for a way to boost their monthly income.


Miley is currently available in NYC and SF, but the service has plans to expand across the country. If you’re not in either of those cities and are interested in what Miley has to offer, keep checking back as they grow. And if you are, why not text Miley?



Ummm this might ACTUALLY be the easiest way to find a job, ever. #mileyapp #miley #textmiley


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Author : Emma McGowan

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