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Filttr.comAre you looking for a way of maximizing your time on the Twitterverse by cutting the chirping and focusing on what truly matters? This new solution will empower you to do exactly that.

This is accomplished by having only the tweets that interest you displayed when you are Twittering away.

Such a filtering process takes into account a plethora of considerations, and you can specify custom key phrases and source filtering in order to arrange everything. A notable filtering factor is the one named “Friend Priorities”, a rating system for instructing Filttr about how important the tweets of your friends are, and creating a sort of framework for reference purposes.

The whole system of algorithms in question goes by the name of FLAI (Filttr Artificial Intelligence), and based on the information you specify beforehand it decides which tweets will be worth your time. Besides, the more tweets you send the more that the system learns from you, and what it is you would like to keep your distance from.

Lastly, it must be mentioned that the system includes a supple interface for accessing your tweets not only through various web browsers but also through IM and an AIR App. In that sense, it can be said that users all across the spectre are fully accounted for, and that this tweeting solution can become very widespread indeed. In Their Own Words

“Filttr is the brand new way of using Twitter, that makes it manageable, sensible and allows you to focus on what you want to see. We work to cut out the important from the noise, so that you don’t have to bother with what doesn’t matter to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A solution such as this one makes for a cleaner and more ordered Twitter experience by reducing the amount of clutter you will come across.

Some Questions About

What is the key element of the filtering process?